My practice critiques the architectures we occupy. I do this is through the addition or alteration of an architectural element whithin a pre-existing architecture. These changes challenge the ways in which we interact with the space and through these challenges provide a critique of our interactions along with the architecture. Recently I have decided I must progress into creating actions which manifest these ideas. This wiki is one of these actions and will form an integral part of my practise. This wiki will become a collaborative repository for the ongoing discourse genrated by this practise. I hope that this space will become a collaborative one in which many people will engange within and push the discourse.


Cinema - The project will create a temporary cinema within a stairwell showing films that expand upon the ideas underpinning the reasons for its creation.

Lecture - A lecture in which the lecturer has to give their lecture within a set of constraints challenging the normal relationship with the audience.


On Collaboration - Collaborations is an interal part of this body of work, it is a way inwhich the project can be extended beyond myself and taken to challenging unexpected places.

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